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Did you know that there is a new quizzing engine (New Quizzes) in Canvas? It will become the native quizzing engine within our Canvas LMS instance at the beginning of July 2022. As we prepare for the transition from our existing quizzing tool (Classic Quizzes), we want to keep our faculty informed to ensure a seamless experience.

What’s New with New Quizzes?

  • Student Quiz Accommodations for the whole course (not just quiz by quiz!)
  • Shuffle Answers by Question
  • Printing Quizzes
  • Require Waiting Period Between Attempts
  • Stimulus, Ordering, and Hot Spot Question Types

As we approach our transition date, we will provide more communication with specific resources, timelines, and noteworthy milestones in December 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022. Canvas Guides are currently available in the Canvas Community if you’d like to get a head start on exploring this new tool. 


Stay tuned for next steps on our New Quizzes journey!


Ready for the transition/implementation? 

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*This article contains information from Canvas at Penn and Instructure Community.