This article is intended for GSE faculty and staff who are working remotely. Unfortunately, IT is unable to purchase personal computing equipment on your behalf


At a minimum, you'll need a computer and stable internet access to work from home. 

  • Do you have a GSE-provided laptop?
    • If so, you may wish to get a personal external monitor, mouse, headset with mic, and keyboard for your home work environment. Microsoft's Research Center's findings indicate that users can improve productivity by 9% to 50% by adding another monitor to their computing environment (depending on the type of task).

  • Do you have a GSE-provided desktop in the office?
    • If so, you will need to get a personal computer or tablet for your home work environment. ISC publishes recommended system requirements annually. If you would like assistance determining which computers might be best for your work needs and applications, please open a help request.
      • Note: If your computer does not have a built-in camera, you will need a webcam.


See ISC's 2020-2021 computing recommendations.


See ISC's Displays & Graphics Guide for 2021


Working securely is essential. GSE-IT can help you with each of the recommendations below. To work remotely, make sure:


Being comfortable as well as aware of your physical setup arrangements is key. See Penn's EHRS recommendations for ergonomics of home office setup at