Congrats and your data thank you for improving security for your Microsoft Office account!

Some issues might be known issues and we are here to help you resolve them as well as new issues. Be sure to check below for any issues you might be experiencing. As we learn more about workarounds or potential resolutions, we will update this post. If your issue is not listed below, please schedule a 1:1 consult with GSE IT or join our Zoom Office Hours (Schedules are available here).

Using non-Microsoft email and calendar apps

  • Known Issues
    • While Two-Step for PennO365 may work with the latest versions of Apple Mail, the native iOS mail app, and some Android clients, users of non-Microsoft email and calendaring clients are more likely to experience configuration and support issues. 
  • Solution
    • If you experience issues with your PennO365 account using the Mail app for iOS or macOS, some users have reported that removing and re-adding their PennO365 account has helped.
    • For Samsung Mail app users, please download Outlook client or use the Outlook web mail. Samsung Mail App is not compatible with 2-Step authentication.
  • Important Note: we highly recommend using Microsoft apps for email and calendaring. Your issue with authenticating on non-Microsoft email/calendar app may come back.

Mac users Using the Outlook App

  • Known Issues: 
    • "I see the login popup like the below image. And the Outlook App keeps asking for a password even after entering my password multiple times. It will not connect to my email."

  • Immediate Solution:
  • Long-term solution:
    • Check your OS (Go to Apple Menu > Click About This Mac). If it's 10.13 High Sierra or higher, install the latest version of Office from . Sign in with your email account if prompted, then click on the Install Office button at the top-right, then click Office 365 Apps. (Once installed, your existing Outlook database will sync with time.)
    • If your OS is older/lower than 10.13 High Sierra, please submit a support ticket or schedule a 1:1 meeting with us.

Using Text message to authenticate

  • Known Issues
    • No text message passcode is received while on the authentication window.
  • Solution
    • Check Remember me for 30 days
    • Click the  Enter a Passcode  button > Click  Text me new codes (bottom) 
    • You'll see  Successfully sent codes  at the bottom
    • Enter the Passcode from the text message and click  Log In 

If your issue is not listed here, please submit a support ticketschedule a 1:1 consult with GSE IT or join our Zoom Office Hours (Schedules are available here).