Enable Duo Mobile for 2-step Authentication

Duo Mobile is an authenticator application for your phone that enables you to easily manage 2-step authentication requests. We recommend you use Duo Push notifications.

A push notification from Duo Mobile is a prompt sent to your phone that requires you to click Approve or Deny as part of second step confirmation of your identity. (Learn more in Authentication Basics.) Using this method, there is no need to send a text or receive a call. 


  1. Access your 2-step settings here:  https://twostep.apps.upenn.edu/

  2. Click the MANAGE SETTINGS button.

  3. Enter your PennKey.

  4. Enter your 2-step code, if prompted.  Check the Trust this browser checkbox before entering your code to avoid being prompted for a code frequently.  It's best to do this only on your own computer, and not on a shared computer.

  5. Click Enroll in Duo Push.

  6. Install Duo Mobile from your phone's app store.

  7. Open Duo Mobile and click either the + button, Add Account, or Get Started.

    Your phone may ask you for camera permissions so it can scan a QR code.

  8. Click Next on the computer.

  9. Point the camera at the QR code.  You may need to get closer or farther away for the camera to recognize the QR code.

    When the phone recognizes the code, it will display, "University of Pennsylvania."

  10. Click Next on the computer.

  11. Wait for a push notification.  It might take a a few seconds.  Approve it.

  12. Click Next on the computer to complete the process. Duo Mobile should now be enabled!

    Note: If you were already enrolled, but it no longer sends you push notifications,, Click Unenroll from Duo Push and then enroll again or click on New phone for Duo Push.

Print or Save Emergency Codes

  • You can also print or save as a PDF another 20 emergency codes by clicking Generate codes.

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