This article is intended for GSE faculty, students, and staff who are traveling outside of the U.S.

Please go to Two-Step Verification: Quick Start. Click  Manage Settings  and log in using your PennKey and password.

You have 3 options to retrieve two-step verification codes:

  • Enroll in Duo Push

  • Add your international phone number and send verification codes to your international phone 

    • Go to Manage Settings > EDIT PHONE NUMBERS. And add a new phone number.
    • International numbers must start with a plus(+) sign, then country code, and phone number
  • Print out One-Time Codes

    • Go to Manage Settings > PRINT ONE-TIME CODE. This will generate 20 one-time codes for you to use at any time.
    • Note: You can use each code once, in sequence. If you forget which code you used last, enter any two unused codes in sequence (separated by a space). If you lose your printed codes, or use them all, go to the "Manage settings" page and click the "Generate codes" button to create a new set. Any previously unused codes will be invalidated.

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