Typical audio issues are hardware/microphone-related. For example, if you are using a laptop or webcam microphone, it is possible that there is lint distorting the sound. Below are recommended steps recommended– and if you have any problems, we’re just a help ticket away.

1. Restart your device.

Restart your computer or your audio device, if it hasn't been restarted in a while.

2. Do a simple test to see if the microphone is the issue. 

Try using a different device to see if audio problem goes away – for example, use a phone to connect to the next class session.

3. Clean the microphone/port.
There are ways to clean the microphone port for each computer/device. Because the instructions are specific to the device — we recommend you search for instructions specific to your device – including the model number if possible.

4. Purchase a webcam with a microphone.
As a last resort, an inexpensive webcam with a microphone could be used to override the computer’s microphone problems. For students, the cost might be covered through the GSE Office of Student Services(OSS). You can open a help ticket before purchasing on your own and we’ll work with OSS.

For additional questions, please feel free to open a help ticket or schedule a virtual consultation with GSE IT via https://calendly.com/gse-it .