How to Submit a Video Assignment in Canvas


This documentation will explain how to create recordings with Panopto and submit them as assignments in Canvas. If you need to see documentation on how to create videos in Panopto, please see this documentation for Windows and Mac.

  • Student access to Panopto ("Class Recordings" link in course menu)

1. Upload your Panopto Recording to Canvas

1.1.  Navigate to your course in Canvas and then to the Assignments or Discussion tab on the left. Select the assignment that you need to submit (Fig. 1).

User-added image
Figure 1

2. In the submission page, select the Panopto (Green) icon (Fig. 2).
Figure 2

3. This will open a window with your Panopto. Navigate to the folder to which your video will be recorded, (which will likely be either your personal folder or the course assignment folder, depending on how your instructor has this set up) Locate and select OR Record your video (for recording instructions, see below)

To record a screencast video

Click here to download printable instructions for creating screencast recordings.

  1. Log in to Canvas and click on Class Recordings in your Canvas course menu.

  2. Click the blue Create button, and then select Record a new session.
    • If you haven’t previously installed the Panopto recorder, click on Download Panopto and follow the prompts to install.
    • If you have already installed the Panopto recorder, click on Open Panopto.
  3. Click here for a quick-start sheet showing how to record a lecture with Panopto.
  4. See detailed instructions on how to use the Panopto recorder.