If you are using Zoom for regular meetings or for class sessions, you may wish to create recurring meetings. 

Using the Web Portal

  1. Log into https://upenn.zoom.us with your PennKey & password
  2. Select Schedule a Meeting
  3. Select a start date and time
  4. Click the Recurring meeting box 
  5. Choose and set one of the End date options

Add an Alternative Host

You may want to add an alternative host as a backup in case you are unavailable at a future date. If you are teaching a class, you may wish to add a teaching assistant. The alternative host must be a licensed Zoom user and can start the meeting in your absence.

When scheduling the meeting, you have the option to add an alternative host toward the end of the settings page.

Send Out Invitations

You've created your meetings, now it's time to send out invites or post links in Canvas sites. After you Save your settings (above), scroll up the page and look for the Copy Invitation button. Copy and paste the text into the location of your choice. 

Note: The Copy Invitation text contains passcode and dial-in information that some of your attendees may need and is missing if you copy the Invite Link only.

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