If one of your go-to tools becomes unavailable, what could you do to keep your studies and classes moving along? Below are some ideas. Note that most outages will be resolved within hours rather than days.

What You Can Do If...

If this is unavailable:It impacts:You could use:You should know:


Materials (videos, files)
Class Email Lists

Reschedule assessment due dates

Use Dropbox or PennBox to store materials temporarily
Class lists rely on email.

Post-outage you may need to reset Canvas assessment end dates.

To store in Dropbox or PennBox you will need to have copies of course materials outside Canvas.
ZoomLive class sessions, breakout groups, guest speakers, and/or student presentationsUse BlueJeans
Like Zoom, BlueJeans has frequent updates; participants will need to download the latest version.
Panopto ("Class Recordings")Recorded presentations

External video clips
Record slide presentations using Zoom or BlueJeans

Share external video clips using Dropbox or PennBox temporarily
Communicate the video recordings location to the class.

You may wish to extend due dates for accessing cloud recordings that aren't shared via Dropbox/PennBox.
Use Canvas for course communicationsAt start of term, ensure personal Canvas settings include a non-Penn backup email address or other communication channel for notifications.

Note: This would pause work at the university and would like be resolved asap.
PennKeyMany university systems including Canvas, Zoom, BlueJeans, QualtricsClass Email Lists

O365 (Outlook & Teams)
Note: This would pause work at the university and would like be resolved asap.