All GSE faculty, staff, and students are eligible for licensed Zoom Pro accounts. On Friday, August 28, all GSE Zoom accounts moved to Penn’s new central Zoom service.


For GSE Zoom accounts prior to the 8/28/20 migration:

  1. After the migration, ensure that you have signed out of all devices.

  2. Log into Penn's Zoom service @ with your PennKey and password. Your scheduled Zoom meetings will be sent to your address.

  3. If you scheduled recurring meetings prior to the migration for classes or events held after 12 pm on August 28, we strongly recommend you delete and reschedule those using your new updated Zoom account.

  4. These licenses are for individual email accounts tied to a PennKey. If you manage a group account (for example,, your account will continue to work at with your current login credentials.


What changes should I expect?


Full-featured account

Your account will be full-featured, including the following benefits: 

  • Host unlimited meetings for up to 300 participants. Meetings can last up to 24 hours.
  • Use Zoom’s video conferencing and web conferencing features to collaborate inside and outside of class sessions
  • Collaborate more easily with other users in Penn’s central Zoom account.


New Zoom user ID

Although users of Penn’s central Zoom service will use their PennKey and password to create a Zoom account, once you’re signed into Zoom, your user ID and Zoom email will be your


Contacting other Zoom users

In order to contact or invite other Penn Zoom users to meetings, you will need to use their Zoom user ID, which will also be in the format of


You will also need to use to access other collaborative features, such as inviting other Zoom users to serve as alternative hosts, granting scheduling privileges or pre-assigning Zoom users to breakout rooms.


Accessing meeting links and recordings 

Existing meeting links will continue to work, and existing meeting passcodes won’t change, as long as the meeting invitation is not altered in Zoom (for example, adding participants).


To access cloud recordings, check your Zoom account in the Recordings area. 

Links to existing recordings will continue to work. New opportunities are now available to limit access to meetings and recordings to Penn-affiliated people. 


Meeting capacity

Penn’s enterprise license permits up to 300 participants per meeting, for an unlimited number of meetings. If you need to invite more than 300 participants, please open a help request.


Alternative-host and scheduling privileges

Existing alternative-host and scheduling-privilege relationships will NOT be carried forward. You will need to re-invite alternative hosts or re-assign scheduling privileges. Remember to invite people by their Zoom username:


Webinar and other “add-on” accounts

Webinars are considered “add-on” accounts under the enterprise license and incur a charge-back fee. As a School/Center/Unit name Zoom user, you can  open a help request for an add-on license for webinars, given a 26-digit budget code and a one-year commitment. 

Changes to waiting room and passcode requirements

Zoom is changing waiting room and passcode requirements as of September 27, 2020This change applies to all Zoom accounts and is not related to Penn’s new license or central account. See the following support article from Zoom:


Additional Information 


Why is GSE moving its Zoom accounts to the new central Penn Zoom service?

The University of Pennsylvania has signed a contract with Zoom to make full-function Zoom accounts available to all eligible faculty, staff and students. As part of efforts to improve how Zoom is used and managed across campus, Penn has created a new central Zoom service.  


Why can’t I find a user in the central Penn Zoom service?

 Zoom has been implemented in different ways across the University, and not all schools and centers have joined Penn’s new central Zoom service. Users in schools and centers that have not yet moved to the new central Zoom service will not be “findable” .


You will be able to invite these users to meetings by using their email address. However, you will not be able to use many of Zoom’s collaborative features with them. 

What accounts don't migrate?

Group accounts will continue to work with existing credentials at (Ex:

Have questions?

  •  If you have questions or need further information, please open a help request. Additional details and online reference material will be forthcoming.


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