Can recordings be stopped and started during a meeting?

  • Yes, recording can be stopped and re-started multiple times during a meeting. Each recording segment gets cataloged as a “clip” and saved in the “Recordings” menu under the meeting in chronological order.

How and where are recordings stored?

  • Recordings are stored in the cloud. Moderators have the ability to download the recordings to their desired storage location.

Are recordings immediately available?

  • Currently, recordings are available on a 4:1 ratio, meaning a 60-minute recording will be available approximately 15 minutes after the meeting concludes. You will be sent an email once the recording is available.

What is the maximum recording time?

  • The maximum recording time is unlimited. Each “chapter” will end at 2 hours and then a new one will immediately start on its own. Every chapter is stored as a separate video clip on the Recordings tab within your Blue Jeans account.

 How does the auto-recording setting work?

  • Auto-recording is a meeting-specific setting. It is configured under the Advanced Options when scheduling a meeting. When selected, recording automatically starts when the meeting starts. If it is made a default setting, all meetings will be auto-recorded.

How are meetings shared?

  • You can share meetings via linkby copy/pasting or emailing it. To see the hyperlink, sharing settings need to be set to “Open Access” or “Enterprise Access.” 
    • As long as the recording stays set to Open Access, anyone with the link can view it
    • If it’s set to Enterprise Access, viewers must log in to BlueJeans to view the recording. 
    • Once a recording setting is changed to Private,it can no longer be viewed via the hyperlink.

Thanks to our colleagues at The Wharton School for allowing us to adapt their original documentation here.